What’s In A Name?

I’m currently obsessed with the TV show Supernatural. If I could worship anyone in addition to God, I’d be bowing down at the altar of Eric Kripke.

I came into the show early in Season 3 and after two episodes, ravaged my iTunes credits buying the entire kit and caboodle. Sure I’m a girl and the show’s leads are a pair of smokin’ hot guys (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles), but apart from that the writers just wow me over and over.

This show has that great combination of dramatic character growth, interesting stories, scare factor and just plain balls out humor. Of course, from the blog name you know what my favorite line is:

Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole!

There’s one other line that just makes me giggle every time I pass over the episode. In The Kids are Alright, Dean is talking to his brother about a yoga instructor he had a fling with and commented that it was the bendiest weekend of his life. At the end of the scene he then says, “Gumby Girl…does that make me Pokey?” I LOVE IT!!

Top 5 Superficially Great Things about Supernatural:

  • Seriously…how many times can you fit the word seriously in an episode?
  • Dean is always eating
  • Our new angel Castiel has great hair! This is important because they keep shaving Dean’s head (but kudos to the hair and makeup team)
  • The Motel rooms are true artwork. I can’t wait to see what kind of room it will be in each episode. (I noticed it was missing in the episode Monster Movie and it was just a little bit lacking for that omission) My fave is the fishing theme.
  • All the women die! ‘nuff said

This Office is Missing The Human Connection

I have an office at work. Now to some people in the mundane office world this may be seen as a status symbol. It was to me too…when I had a window. I was thisclose to a spot that overlooked the bay (more on the bay in a future blog). Then I was downgraded to the hovel-an interior office no bigger than a desk and chair. I swear it was smaller than a prison cell. A second person had to stand or sit in a chair next mine. Seriously, it was right next to mine. I was humbled back to the we’re all one team thinking and got over the office thing because a weird perk came my way.

My hovel here at “the fat-boy” (my name for the company I work for) was, for all intents and purposes an inhumane box, yet I had tons of people visit and hang out, laugh and joke, deliver and pick up stuff and toss and return stress balls. Everyday I could waste a good two hours on water cooler gossip, the latest episode of whatever TV show was important or the ponderings of how anybody could be as loving as Joseph after his brothers sold him into slavery (we ran the gamut from porn to proverbs.) I made real friends in the hovel. Some of the people I work with migrated from knowledgeable acquaintance to person you could call if you found yourself arrested. It was an incredibly good time.

I thought I was humbled by the hovel, but I must have shifted back to arrogance because I have again been humbled by my office-my new one. I was moved to another floor at “the fat-boy.” This office is, theoretically, better than the hovel. It’s much bigger. I have a gigantic desk, a credenza, guest chairs and a window. It has to be better, right? Right? Umm, yeah-no. Not really.

Let me count the ways:

  1. Nobody visits
  2. They don’t call
  3. They don’t write
  4. My window overlooks…a cubicle
  5. The loudest fire alarm on the planet is over my head
  6. Conversations in my office echo out to the cubicle farm outside my door.
  7. I have no privacy (funny I didn’t know offices could do that)

What happened? I thought I was exactly the same, so why am I the odd woman out? Hmm, wait I heard this before LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.

Why was the hovel so great?

  1. It was off the beaten path
  2. There were no windows, so a meeting with the door closed was private
  3. It was next to a conference room (good for pre/post meeting visits)
  4. It was an “all IT floor” –information transfer among geeks is great, but outsiders skew the mood.
  5. It was at the corner of a cubicle farm. The liquor store on the corner gets more traffic than the one in the middle of a strip mall.

So I think I’m a little depressed about the loss of location.